Plan B

was inside the box.  The

inside out plan was more beautiful.

than you.

frozen in time,

at “really cute.”

she was born on the lake and doesn’t want to leave so

she got up on her horse again every morning.

she had made the choice to stay in the bowl with

the orbs of energy…

hell had made her. and because she was already down there, and in it, she might as well look around

And she had taken three wrong turns already,

a clown in the circus.

She wanted to defy gravity again, but the opposite. She had everything she needed inside the WordPress to make a high castle tower, but reversed. She could breathe inside there, it was like a 2nd skin to her, she could show emotion… everything. she was there so she owed herself this try, Using his energy to push off and catapult her higher than she had ever gone, but opposite, a deep dive. She would have to find it. (thinking of you as very far away. But in the shell.)

Fixing something jagged – like correcting

Not. Going. Out

I think I can make it really pretty –

The prettiest heart dash



We’re broken up

but it doesn’t stop


Self care

Ride the wave for as much energy as you can get out of it.

When did I injure myself again

Equals = problem


Chained energy they speak it

It lives

Reversible energy

Disregard that she is making a fairy

Diary for you.


Get involved

Stayback in the bullfight.

Big crowds

In theatres

Bar room really loud swollen

And angry

Wolves matter.

Flame mind beautiful

Chained to defiance

Glowing and angered,

revolution in the courts.

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