Sustain >>>> morning

Spill out your medicine

Deforming misdeeds

Guts… guts

spill out your seeds


Disarm me

Spill out your guts I want to live, I want

to give more




Transforming …

Transform me

so bizarre, these magics

spill out your swords, spill out your core

Spell out symphony

Spill out of your shores

Burn out your guts, I want to live,

Take it and

read it in your own time.

spill out your animal instincts spill out your pills

Angels on a rooftop ..

depths ocean oil

Believe in me.

Believe me.

Spill out radical reverberation


more wood.

more truth. more will.

Body and the soul and the body and the spirit body and the soul and the body and the spirit…

Leveling House

She had to level her house because it was sinking.

Everyday, mining the forest. completely obsessed, so she started moving everything away from the center.

she went to Costco and broke down some images into her cart…

Pulled on the Farmer Joe overalls

trash storage

Data dump

Chicks poop


container words

crawl space

clean out


deep mending


socks mending cloths


soccer stable


being in the closet with me.


no fusion disaster.

friendship — won’t stop.

Girl vibe.


Passion — energy

No burning up, just fun

birds singing

swans alone.



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