Something … is

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Information that

is in good form

no. Never


The teriyaki meatballs had fallen all over the floor already

“I’m still hungry though,” she said,

a deep well inside justified

Goalquest HQ

Your secrets


In good form. Talk to trees in the morning

Just be still and clean.

throwing words to the wind…

20 minutes in the shed.


Clean your house

Be Jesus

to your house. mop up insides introspect in my pocket,

mop up with bales of hey

hey, to the galaxy

earth days…. months …. years she had a fantasy

romance deep

inside herself

with herself

in her shell

flowing out

all over the school

Must get stronger inside

or she might lose her job, and everything she cares about.

clear puddles, because disaster switches forms.


Fold laundry

Fix light

Serve others

No desire.

No will

No pain.

Put your dreams away under covers

plant flowers

Hold right there.

she wasn’t sprinting

through life,

she stayed perfectly still, each day

Nobody knows how the story ends down on earth.

Forget about it. . . . might leave a trail.

Bless this day

and all that is hungry

all that lives

Bless this morning

And whatever else

that is.

042D7EB8-CDA6-4492-A474-AAA98FAECC91C46EA75B-B1E5-4D9C-A76F-ADACCF7F536BA70AAC92-CC61-4162-A77D-E4764AA4FF6CWriting for awhile in the shed …

Kids like to roller skate on the driveway

The smallest little chicken in the coop had died yesterday, bullied to death by the larger birds, likely more aggressive given it’s the winter and they are caged more than usual.

The carcass was dragged down the driveway last night. this morning a long red plume …

probably a hawk, or cat, or some predator.

She is hosing off the driveway half of the morning, hose and sweep, hose and sweep … the bright red guts stick, a big pool of dirty water collects. Five times, six times, walking and listening

The bigger hens are already pecking the next one down the chain on the back of the neck. natural order. it will be the end of her hen experiment.

Hell knows,




November, December, January, February, March, April, repeat.

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