Blessed be

Blessed be praying to a god

that is real

that is there

fully hearing

fully rare.

Radiant green energy.


The time for words is over.

Stop with the pencils piling up everywhere.

her biggest fear,

tempt the volcano, get a nightmare…

So take the ax – cut off the bits –

talk to god about everything.

saucy talk,

Silly songs,

a god that whistles and lives.

post mortem

post post mortem

blah blah

gobble gobble a god that is kind,

and penetrates her mind.

She needs a muse, too, anonymous

like starlight from another galaxy

with a hunger for closeness and reciprocity…

Box of junk for sale. She needed to put the garbage in a place that wasn’t a trash can and would be kinder to small birds who don’t care for the cold.

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