If I don’t take time for my soul,

I’m going to die..

actual, factual factions, stabbing takes time, charmer, champagne crushes. More close/less vulnerable

middle aged – go figure it out, inspirational puzzles, muzzles, cues, clues,

pilez – factory tiles. Once equal to her brother’s now fractured sequence of events that had led her to her death.

Elbow room.

picking up garbage

garbage embrace, knee brace shows up in dreams so she can’t run, getting space or she will go underwater again

repeat the dream exactly as she told it or she is going to cry.

She was going up the slide. It was for going down, but she was going up it for some reason. and her backpack fell off, but she was lucky enough for it to have fallen on a ledge where other backpacks had fallen in the road and she got it back.

“Let’s workout!”

Said the cute gym instructor – she was working out with the 65/15 weight. It was a heavy one, but she could do it. Ja’Nee was coming, and that wasn’t good, ja’nee Was bad, so she had to get out. She took the tall bike, past the police station, and a church and then got in the back of a red/blue truck, with a red/blue dashboard  and a red/blue charm hanging from the mirror and there was a police officer with blue aviators on, and he was You.

And then this young girl said, “Hey, it’s like coffee, if the volcano wants to eat you that means the energy orbs are there.”

and then she turned and walked into the middle of the molten


and it swallowed her up,

and then a bowl rose up out of the lava, and she was in it.

and I looked back

and there was a pearl inside of it,

A pearl, but it was miss formed at the edges,

not a pearl, it was an energy orb.

I looked up, and then back down and it had procreated into six more of it’s kind in the bowl. And then I witnessed one being born, and it had a fuschia, purple and golden aura, like a jellyfish inside an orb.

so I starting grabbing the orbs and stuffing them in my pockets, strange little pockets in my panties and running away with them. They started making strange sounds and knocking together like glass balls.

I teleported to the tower at the top of the volcano where there were two young girls inspecting the molten rock with flashlights and looking into it, the police officer was behind me.

Police officer: hey, what are those?

me: these are energy orbs …

(for some reason i was Flirting with him, and giving him my kissy lips, I don’t know why.)

me: energy… static like us!

Trading heaven—>hell’s


She got 3 tea kettles for Christmas.


Burn my skin.

anymore – fulfill.

the love

but stop the fault blaming childish puzzles confusion. start to feel death


She likes puzzles, thirdbuys thirdeye continuation, sorry, not sorry. molten

Girl day all year, bath, stretch scratch, talk,

Relax, chill ax, chillax, slacks, irony, rump, Trump, coffee, syrup, milk and honey.


Life with Purpose

who cares?

Mythology folder, place holder, checks and balance, forget

Christian puzzles. forever I am beautiful. However fractured. divided. whatever. Pull over the covers

“and know me, my time here is brief.” buzzing on industry. Nightcap, yes please. Disgraced Angel she is beautiful. And she could start to feel her powers rising.

and then she got L O U D E R suddenly,

and then started to work on her whisper again. criminal really.

Cocooned in the creativity space. Construction bubble. He was working her, in her felt red pants in the dryer. Hard working. He put her in there with a ukulele. and she loved that instrument. Wood. She was a small bird, and he knew it. He had to be a big deal, all high- polluting automobiles, and they were dreaming about how to put the two worlds together without causing any ripple in the time space continuum, to be continued, congruent, fluent, whatever. (Fair warning, I am not as big as you

It’s like a chat

I’m like a ghost.

Epithets. It’s not like I was waiting for the next speech.

Imagine Dragons singing Lightning and Thunder on the tv. Lightning. Lightning in the thunder. lightning and the thunder!


Knittinnbheadbands on my parents couch, New Year’s Day knitting headbands on the couch…….

al roker saying something about warming the cuckolds

little monsters. I like to listen to myself, with my pink zinfandella

Far. far – falla. Far. Fall far falla fella. Get the voice right. More whispers or loud. Whichever prefers. Low commitment in exchange for a title fight like nine others. Commitment level high. She wanted to. She brews, true, too.

Purpose is hidden, but she started unfolding, and doesn’t want to stop, don’t stop, ever is forever, wands, mission, purpose, living and dreams, living in dreams, schemes, screams, karma, yes, we need to talk, just cause, no debates. celebrate, us, u

the spirit within, literally


Rest here or get out.





Get out

The Shit.

Down deeper

down inside



Inside. For pure

Sword word craft sword craft as she applied for a job using the powers which she possessed, and she puzzles with her third eye. she likes to test it out and see if getting better and sharper. Sharpie.

Pencils. Pencil sharpener. Keeps her open. keepsake. Box pencil. It keeps her diving for stupid shit and being brave/creative/stupid. And then she can’t, looking in mirrors is hard. She keeps chickens in her yard, who knows why. Eggs. writing in the cosmos closet again, blew her mind out in the slow dance category. Said that things about a location round town where they could trade thoughts

few close friends, survivor, reads, camouflage dreams, they gave her age creams, bath products, wash and dry, socks, the people you need or the people you want, processing time , 20-39, rinse thoroughly- everything comes in a box, she walks around picking up garbage and figuring out what to do with theboxes, laundry, dirty panties on the floor; it’s kinda gross, it is. Lost her phone again, and it’s good. can step away from life without it. More real/less real. She’s no real chef, but a mommie and knows how the make things taste good. Crust. He’s a chef, and enjoys raking things over the coals, does so effectively. Life goals:

Keep kids from getting cavities

Grow trust in family


antennas are up like an alien. no sorrow. speaks truth. watched. carefree. Solar flare. never a care, Solid points, pass the joint. I know you are a person who spends a lot of time alone, scribbling on Papers. Rich. rock. Reach down to the Queen of hearts, elevate it to the ranks of Obed, Binz, Boaz, Prince, Salmon mythologies, any story would take hold. Safety resistance. but not as stay away stray away as insistence as building trust and strength. Make believe.

I believe in you,


Teach me to love.

Teach me to love –

tell me to burn

off my skin

and just be characters


inside a flow,

lust habits set aside, still warm.

Down the river with you

help me be strong again.

I was once full and whole


a portrait, of me


which might make you scream, recoil

or stay,

climb inside of truth to


another day.

Nightmares come

estranged from light

every night, again

a different facet of fear.

In them one of us

is wearing red pants

me, then you,

the contents of my purse


Me sitting in

the corner silent.

You and Michael yelling in an asylum with

dirty water on the floors. I see no reason

for you to stay with me in this.

I have lived on this earth longer

than the tooth fairy, collecting teeth

of little children,

encircling families in these arms. But

still, the tears i’ve cried could fill a sea,

when all I’ve ever wanted was

someone to walk with me.