Blessed be

Blessed be praying to a god

that is real

that is there

fully hearing

fully rare.

Radiant green energy.


The time for words is over.

Stop with the pencils piling up everywhere.

her biggest fear,

tempt the volcano, get a nightmare…

So take the ax – cut off the bits –

talk to god about everything.

saucy talk,

Silly songs,

a god that whistles and lives.

post mortem

post post mortem

blah blah

gobble gobble a god that is kind,

and penetrates her mind.

She needs a muse, too, anonymous

like starlight from another galaxy

with a hunger for closeness and reciprocity…

Box of junk for sale. She needed to put the garbage in a place that wasn’t a trash can and would be kinder to small birds who don’t care for the cold.

Something … is

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Information that

is in good form

no. Never


The teriyaki meatballs had fallen all over the floor already

“I’m still hungry though,” she said,

a deep well inside justified

Goalquest HQ

Your secrets


In good form. Talk to trees in the morning

Just be still and clean.

throwing words to the wind…

20 minutes in the shed.


Clean your house

Be Jesus

to your house. mop up insides introspect in my pocket,

mop up with bales of hey

hey, to the galaxy

earth days…. months …. years she had a fantasy

romance deep

inside herself

with herself

in her shell

flowing out

all over the school

Must get stronger inside

or she might lose her job, and everything she cares about.

clear puddles, because disaster switches forms.


Fold laundry

Fix light

Serve others

No desire.

No will

No pain.

Put your dreams away under covers

plant flowers

Hold right there.

she wasn’t sprinting

through life,

she stayed perfectly still, each day

Nobody knows how the story ends down on earth.

Forget about it. . . . might leave a trail.

Bless this day

and all that is hungry

all that lives

Bless this morning

And whatever else

that is.

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Kids like to roller skate on the driveway

The smallest little chicken in the coop had died yesterday, bullied to death by the larger birds, likely more aggressive given it’s the winter and they are caged more than usual.

The carcass was dragged down the driveway last night. this morning a long red plume …

probably a hawk, or cat, or some predator.

She is hosing off the driveway half of the morning, hose and sweep, hose and sweep … the bright red guts stick, a big pool of dirty water collects. Five times, six times, walking and listening

The bigger hens are already pecking the next one down the chain on the back of the neck. natural order. it will be the end of her hen experiment.

Hell knows,




November, December, January, February, March, April, repeat.

Sustain >>>> morning

Spill out your medicine

Deforming misdeeds

Guts… guts

spill out your seeds


Disarm me

Spill out your guts I want to live, I want

to give more




Transforming …

Transform me

so bizarre, these magics

spill out your swords, spill out your core

Spell out symphony

Spill out of your shores

Burn out your guts, I want to live,

Take it and

read it in your own time.

spill out your animal instincts spill out your pills

Angels on a rooftop ..

depths ocean oil

Believe in me.

Believe me.

Spill out radical reverberation


more wood.

more truth. more will.

Body and the soul and the body and the spirit body and the soul and the body and the spirit…

Leveling House

She had to level her house because it was sinking.

Everyday, mining the forest. completely obsessed, so she started moving everything away from the center.

she went to Costco and broke down some images into her cart…

Pulled on the Farmer Joe overalls

trash storage

Data dump

Chicks poop


container words

crawl space

clean out


deep mending


socks mending cloths


soccer stable


being in the closet with me.


no fusion disaster.

friendship — won’t stop.

Girl vibe.


Passion — energy

No burning up, just fun

birds singing

swans alone.




If I don’t take time for my soul,

I’m going to die..

actual, factual factions, stabbing takes time, charmer, champagne crushes. More close/less vulnerable

middle aged – go figure it out, inspirational puzzles, muzzles, cues, clues,

pilez – factory tiles. Once equal to her brother’s now fractured sequence of events that had led her to her death.

Elbow room.

picking up garbage

garbage embrace, knee brace shows up in dreams so she can’t run, getting space or she will go underwater again

repeat the dream exactly as she told it or she is going to cry.

She was going up the slide. It was for going down, but she was going up it for some reason. and her backpack fell off, but she was lucky enough for it to have fallen on a ledge where other backpacks had fallen in the road and she got it back.

“Let’s workout!”

Said the cute gym instructor – she was working out with the 65/15 weight. It was a heavy one, but she could do it. Ja’Nee was coming, and that wasn’t good, ja’nee Was bad, so she had to get out. She took the tall bike, past the police station, and a church and then got in the back of a red/blue truck, with a red/blue dashboard  and a red/blue charm hanging from the mirror and there was a police officer with blue aviators on, and he was You.

And then this young girl said, “Hey, it’s like coffee, if the volcano wants to eat you that means the energy orbs are there.”

and then she turned and walked into the middle of the molten


and it swallowed her up,

and then a bowl rose up out of the lava, and she was in it.

and I looked back

and there was a pearl inside of it,

A pearl, but it was miss formed at the edges,

not a pearl, it was an energy orb.

I looked up, and then back down and it had procreated into six more of it’s kind in the bowl. And then I witnessed one being born, and it had a fuschia, purple and golden aura, like a jellyfish inside an orb.

so I starting grabbing the orbs and stuffing them in my pockets, strange little pockets in my panties and running away with them. They started making strange sounds and knocking together like glass balls.

I teleported to the tower at the top of the volcano where there were two young girls inspecting the molten rock with flashlights and looking into it, the police officer was behind me.

Police officer: hey, what are those?

me: these are energy orbs …

(for some reason i was Flirting with him, and giving him my kissy lips, I don’t know why.)

me: energy… static like us!